VanCon Introduction

360° camera
“”Tap the screen for 360° inside the car””

【 In-car equipment 】

・microwave oven
・Rear air conditioner
・19-inch TV
・Refrigerator (40L
・storage space
・in-car hand-washing
・side awning
・Rearview monitor camera
・Smartphone mirroring

【 camp set】

・Knives, dishes, spoons, knives, forks, tongs, spatulas, detergents
・Pot set, frying pan, kettle, Dutch oven, colander, pot stand
・Cassette stove, LED lantern, fire pit, barbecue grill
・1 set of armchair and folding table
・Quilt and mattress pad (3 sets)
・Polyethylene tanks and buckets
・Cooler box (58L)

【Various video services】

【Various video services】

・Unlimited Netflix viewing
・unlimited prime video
・Unlimited YouTube viewing

Pocket Wi-Fi

【Pocket Wi-Fi】

500 yen/1day